Our Proposal

The Vermont Green Line Devco, LLC proposes to build an approx. 59-mile underground and underwater electric transmission cable to deliver 400 megawatts of clean energy to New England—enough to power 240,000 homes during peak demand. The preferred cable route will interconnect with the existing power grid at a new converter station in Beekmantown, New York, travel under Lake Champlain, and connect to another new converter station in New Haven, Vermont. All land cables will be underground.

Vermont Green Line Snapshot

DEVELOPER National Grid Ventures (Vermont Green Line Devco, LLC)
PURPOSE Clean, renewable and reliable electric transmission for New England
COMPONENTS • ~6 miles of underground cable in NY
• ~40 miles of sea cable under Lake Champlain
• ~13 miles of underground cable in VT
• Converter stations at each end of the cable to connect to the local electric grid
LOCAL INVESTMENTS • Est. $600 million

Community Commitment

Successful transmission projects are a function of open, collaborative and regular communication with host communities, local elected officials, town management, residents, landowners, businesses and community groups. The Vermont Green Line commits to working with all stakeholders, making our team available to listen to feedback and provide updates on project progress.

Vermont Green Line Route

Vermont Green Line Route

Proposed Route

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